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C# ASP.Net

  1. .Net Technology

    1. IL

    2. JIT

    3. CLR

    4. .Net SDK

  2. C# Programming Constructs

    1. C# Structural Elements

      1. Looping and Conditional Constructs

      2. Primitive types ,operators and expressions

      3. Block structured architecture

    2. C# Object Based Elements

      1. Class

      2. Object

      3. Message,State, Behaviour and Structure.

      4. Object Lifecycle, Initializer, Constructor, Garbage Collector

      5. Static and Instance Fields

      6. Object Composition

        1. Linking

        2. Embedding

      7. Arrays

      8. Strings

      9. Structures

      10. Enumerations

      11. Operator Overloading

    3. C# Object Oriented Elements

      1. Interface

      2. Inheritance

      3. Polymorphism

      4. Abstract Classes and Methods

      5. Multiple Inheritance , Issues

      6. Boxing/Unboxing

      7. Inner Classes

    4. C# Component Oriented Elements

      1. Properties

      2. Indexers

      3. Delegates

      4. Events

      5. IComponent

    5. C# Power Programming Constructs

      1. Extentions methods

      2. Partial types

      3. Lambda functions

      4. Pointers and unsafe programming

      5. Preprocessors

      6. Attributes

      7. Generics

  3. Exception Handling

    1. Introductions to Classical and Modern techniques

    2. The try-catch construct

    3. throw

    4. Adjacent and Nested try-catch

    5. finally

    6. Designing Contracts with Exceptions

  4. Windows Forms

    1. Container, Components and Layouts

    2. Event Handling architecture

    3. GUI creation , Design Issues.

  5. Introduction to WPF
  6. Threading

    1. Introduction to C#.Net concurrency model

    2. Creating and using threads

    3. Utility functions

    4. Monitors

      1. lock

      2. Wait, Pulse, PulseAll

    5. Coarse grained Concurrency constructs

  7. I/O

    1. Console I/O

    2. File I/O

    3. Network I/O

  8. Collections

    1. List

    2. Dictionary

  9. ASP.Net

    1. HTTP

    2. Web Environment

    3. Web Applications

    4. Related and Alternative technologies.

  10. ASP.Net Web Pages

    1. Introduction to Web Matrix

    2. Scripting with Razor

  11. ASP.Net Web Forms

    1. Introduction

    2. Request Processing PipeLine

    3. Page , Lifecycle

    4. Events

    5. Controls

    6. Routing

    7. Caching

    8. Session and Application State Management

    9. Security

    10. NuGet

    11. User Defined Controls

  12. ASP.Net MVC

    1. Overview

    2. Architectural Elements

    3. Controllers


    5. Models

  13. ADO.Net Fundamentals

    1. ADO.Net architecture

    2. Connection Class

    3. Command Class

    4. DataReader Class

    5. Transactions

  14. Data Components and Data Set

    1. Building Data Access Component

    2. Disconnected Data

    3. DataSet

    4. DataAdapter

    5. DataView

  15. Data Bindings

    1. Basic Data Binding

    2. Data Source Controls

    3. SqlDataSource

  16. Introduction to Entity Framework

  17. Introduction to Azure.

  18. Project Work

    1. MultiUser Chess Engine

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  • Knowledge of C programming
  • Knowledge of basic Data Structures
  • Knowledge of SQL

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  • Vinayak Bamane
    Our approach to look at a programming language has changed due to Rajesh Sir and certainly learned a lot of new things which are not easily available.

    Vinayak Bamane, MCA,
    Posted May 28, 2015, 10:12 PM by Rajesh Patkar
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Frequently Asked Questions
I don't know programming can I join this course ? 
No, you are expected to know C programming and fundamentals of SQL programming. 

I don't know Java programming can I join this course ? 
Yes you can join this course. You are expected to know C programming and fundamentals of SQL programming. 

I don't know C# programming can I join this course ? 
Yes , this course teaches C# from ground up. ASP.Net is taken up after your C# fundamentals are clarified.  

I am an IT professional , I want to master C# , ASP.Net is this course for me? 
This course has been designed with Industry requirement in mind.

This course make an effort to Instill the right thought process required to develop Industry strength perspective.

There is sufficient Hands-On with assignments and Project work to give you a head start.

I am a BCA , BSC IT, MCA , BE student can I join this course? 
Yes this course covers most of the topics in the standard curriculum of the above courses. This coverage makes you self sufficient to learn the left out topics.

However, the primary focus of the course is to prepare you for software  development, and hence this is not an exam oriented course.
Students who have undergone this course have given a positive feedback regarding their performances in University Exams and Project Work.