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Java Frameworks

  1. Understanding Object/Relational Persistence
    1. What is Persistence
    2. The paradigm mismatch
    3. Persistence Layers and alternatives
    4. Object/Relational Mapping
  2. Mapping Persistent Classes
    1. Understanding Entity
    2. Mapping Entity with Identity
    3. Class Mapping options
    4. Fine-grain modelling and mapping
  3. Inheritance and Custom Types
    1. Mapping class Inheritance
    2. Hibernate type system
    3. Creating custom mapping
  4. Mapping Collections and Entity Association
    1. Sets,Bags,Lists and Maps of value type
    2. Collection of components
    3. Mapping collections with annotations
    4. Mapping a Parent/Child relationship
  5. Advance Entity Association Mapping
    1. Single valued entity association
    2. Many valued entity association
    3. Polymorphic association
  6. Working with Objects
    1. The persistence life cycle
    2. Object Identity and Equality
    3. The Hibernate Interface
    4. Java Persistence API
  7. Transactions and Concurrency
    1. Transaction essentials
    2. Controlling concurrent access
    3. Non transactional data access
  8. Conversations
  9. Modifying Objects Efficiently
    1. Transitive persistence
    2. Bulk and Batch operations
    3. Data filtering and Interception
  10. Optimizing Fetching and Caching
    1. Defining the global fetch plan
    2. Selecting a fetch strategy
    3. Caching
  11. Querying with HQL

  1. Introduction
    1. What is Spring
    2. Understanding Dependency Injection
    3. Applying Aspect Oriented Programming
  2. Basic Bean Wiring
    1. Containing Bean
    2. Creating Bean
    3. Injecting Bean Properties
    4. Auto-Wiring
    5. Controlling Bean Creation
  3. Advanced Bean Wiring
    1. Declaring Parent and Child Beans
    2. Applying method Injection
    3. Wiring Collections
    4. Bean Embedding
    5. Bean Life Cycle callbacks
    6. Event Handling
  4. Advising Beans
    1. Introduction to AOP
      1. Cross Cutting Concerns
      2. Join Point
      3. Point Cut
      4. Advise
    2. Advising beans in classical style
    3. Advising beans using annotations
    4. Advising beans using xml namespace
  5. Database Access
    1. Learning Template Pattern
    2. JDBC with Spring
    3. Hibernate with Spring
  6. Integration of Spring with other frameworks
  7. Introduction to Spring MVC

  1. Struts Framework
    1. Model
    2. View
    3. Controller
    4. Validator
  2. Applying Struts
    1. Struts Tag Library
    2. HTML
    3. Bean
    4. Nested
    5. Logic
  3. Overview of Struts 2, JUnit, Tapestry, Tile etc.
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  • Knowledge of Java Programming
  • Knowledge of SQL and Database design
  • Knowledge of Web Environment

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  • Tanvi Lavekar
    I joined the framework course for gaining knowledge on spring/ hibernate but ended up in learning much above that. Not only framework, but I learnt the very core and basics of Java which I never had gone through in my IT career.I have evolved in many dimensions and my confidence in Java has increased incredibly. I am really looking forward for best usage of my knowledge. I am really thankful to Rajesh Sir for his guidance. 

    Thank you and wishing best for the future.
    Tanvi Lavekar ( Experience 6.5 years),
    Application Engg. Oracle India
    Posted May 27, 2015, 8:22 AM by Rajesh Patkar
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