Congratulations !!! to Yogesh Prajapati for getting job at CameronTec
Sir, it’s due to your teaching and mentoring that I cracked the interview at CameronTec and was offered the post of a Software Engineer. Even though I completed my B.E , all that I learnt was mere theory, I had no practical knowledge. The way you teach - stage wise and in different dimensions ... is exceptionally remarkable and has cleared all my concepts right from the scratch. 
Sir, you even helped us complete all the project work ourselves. I will always remember your words, “Separate the things that change from the things that don’t change”. This principle has cleared many of my fundamental concepts and given me a new perspective towards software engineering. In the I.T field I have not found anyone comparable to your vast knowledge.
I sincerely hope that I can provide even 1% of your knowledge to the Company. I thank you once again Sir, for all your guidance and blessings.

Yogesh Parajapati