InBetween Offers Jobs to 3 students during Recruitment Drive at our Institute.

 InBetween Services located at Pune conducted a recruitment drive at the premises of Rajesh Patkar Institute on the 5th April, 2014. We are happy to announce that the following three candidate got placement for the post of Jr. Software Developer.

1) Dinesh Sharma 
2) Annette Kotian
3) Aniruddha Tekade 

We congratulate our students for getting the offer and clearing the test/interviews in flying colours.

Message from Manini  COO InBetween

The recruitment drives at Patkar Sir's institute are always very successful.

One can be sure that the students would have good enough practical programming experience.
Most students are also very sound in concepts, viz., OO, Multithreading, Design Patterns, etc.
This is a refreshing change compared to our regular recruitment drives.

To give you the numbers,We generally have 2-3 selections from recruitment drives of 100-150 odd candidates.
At Patkar's we selected 3 out of a batch of 20.

We are, in fact, planning to conduct majority of our drives at Patkar's.

InBetween IT Services India Pvt. Ltd.