Amit Shah, Tech Lead, Interactive Avenues

posted May 14, 2012, 3:48 PM by Rajesh Patkar   [ updated May 28, 2015, 10:26 PM ]
Prof. Rajesh Patkar - One rarely gifted combination of a teacher and a friend.

I have been to many institutes and also have many friends who attended other institutes where their experiences had been .. average or bad. None could have said that the faculty in the institute was too good to have delivered a career building base to them.

My experience with Sir - "one teacher who has acted as a turning point in my life to build my career. I am lucky to have found a teacher rather than a faculty ".

Will like to share one of my experiences with Sir. This was when sir had decided to purchase the projector for the class. Me, Sir and the sales person were sitting in the hotel discussing the pricing and other stuff. Meanwhile, the sales person passed one comment - "Now it will be good for you to complete the deliverables in lesser duration and in more efficient and professional way. Also will help you conduct more batches with the time saved ". Sir said - "This will help students get the deliverables in more efficient way and earlier than the specified duration. This will help me deliver more to them - which I wanted but was not able to deliver due to the limitation of time ". Sir always tried to prepare his students with the future in vision. What I like very much about him is that he teaches to learn. He is one person I found who loves to teach rather than teach just to earn.

There is still a lot more to share but time and words are not permiting me. Last but no the least - "he is the best at what he does ".