Aniruddha Choudhary, Developent Intern Apollo Group

posted May 14, 2012, 3:25 PM by Rajesh Patkar   [ updated May 28, 2015, 10:38 PM ]
Today when I say, I am in the field of Computer Science, I truly understand what I say..4 years of engineering from so called renowned college, a couple of years work-experience couldn't really make me feel and understand to the core as what I am doing here? Today, what I am and what my perception is, is merely and solely because of Patkar sir..I really cant find a word/adjective which could describe sir.. may be, they should add a word "patkar sir" in dictionary to describe someone like him..he is a wonderful person, ever smiling even though he has stood for hours teaching students for entire day. he's extremely knowledgeable... The amount of knowledge he imparts and students gain in the 3 hours session is equivalent to a month or sometimes months of self study..the environment in those 3 hours is so charged and make ppl so engrossed, well I certainly feel like I am in a meditative state while learning from sir..
and if someone will ask me, what does sir teach? I would say, art of learning + art of living.. Computer science is just a reason.. What does sir not talk about? Nothing.. he talks about thought patterns, neurolinguistic programming, he gives examples from bodybuilding, he exemplifies how to build photographic memory, he gives so apt examples to relate the virtual world of computer science with the real world so that students dont get baffled..The great thing about sir is he knows exactly how students feel unlike almost all the other teachers..
when a student walks out of RPISE, he is sure to have some great perspective towards life if he's listened to sir's each and every word and interpreted it in a right way..
As I am going for master's studies now, I am surely gonna miss the great discussions in design patterns, frameworks and esp. sir and his cheerful words.. I humbly request sir to keep publishing his articles/papers and make some videos of the latest discussions available over the internet for those who are not near..
I am extremely fortunate to be associated with RPISE and enlightened by Patkar sir.
so rightly said by an alumni student of RPISE, patkar sir is an experience, an experience which can transform your thinking towards life before you know it and when you realize you are not the same person anymore..