Shrenik Shah, Technical Architect , Rolta India Limited

posted May 14, 2012, 4:04 PM by Rajesh Patkar   [ updated May 28, 2015, 10:20 PM ]
Deep in the dark forest, there is a beautiful garden of Knowledge, where techie butterflies play around the flowers of technologies.

Yes!! This is how I will describe the Rajesh Patkar Institute. There is an evolutionsmith (Prof. Rajesh Patkar) working hard to convert all caterpillars into techie butterflies. One enters Rajesh Patkar Institute as a caterpillar and evolutionsmith develops a cocoon of knowledge around him. There happens a metamorphosis, after which a beautiful techi butterfly evolves. When others see rose as a rose, these butterflies sees the rose first as a flower and then as a Rose.

Hooking on to the concepts is the habit of all techies evolved under evolutionsmith. There are butterflies that can run here and there; evolutionsmith takes care to make them capable to fly. There are few who knows how to fly, evolutionsmith teaches them how to find direction. There are many who can fly and go places, evolutionsmith adds beautiful colors to them. Being a butterfly at Rajesh Patkar Insitute, one can expect to evolve at any stage and add new colors to life.

Prof. Rajesh Patkar has given shapes to the evolution of many butterflies like me and evolutionsmith is the word I could figure out after thinking a lot on this. It's because of his training; I stand confidently where ever I am. No longer afraid of rose, jasmine or sunflower knowing that they are just types of flowers.

Following lines expresses the Metamorphosis I experienced at ACS. Sitting silently, Doing nothing, Spring comes, And the grass grows by itself. Words are still not sufficient to express my self, but it’s for sure that I will not miss any opportunity to learn under Rajesh Patkar Institute and Prof. Rajesh Patkar