Vipul Dekhtawala , Program Manager , Wipro Techonolgies

posted May 14, 2012, 4:14 PM by Rajesh Patkar   [ updated May 28, 2015, 10:15 PM ]
A guru in real sense, whose altruistic efforts are always towards shaping tomorrow’s technologist. I owe my success to Rajesh sir in way... he poured the knowledge of learning and being a fast self learner – only one of any of his classes is sufficient to become a fast paced self learner. 

He teaches you how to understand from the grass root level. If you want to learn synthetics do not approach him, yes – but of course, if you want to learn semantics in-depth then, he is the one who can build that in you.I learnt Java & Advanced Java from him during 2000-01. From that time onwards I have grown from a Programmer to Sr. Programmer to Analyst to Project Leader to Project Manager to Sr. Project Manager to Program Manager today.

He has been continuously morale of inspiration for me and gave me lot of career guidance and advices.I was very close to Rajesh sir during my training days and when I was in Mumbai. I still remember when he took me to a Rational Rose Seminar at Taj West-End at Bandra, Mumbai and we had a Darjeeling fresh tea there at hotel lobby. He told me that “let’s try something new rather then drinking always a routine tea” (sir used to order tea for all students almost daily during our classes). I felt the freshness and the aroma of the tea we all experienced. 

The thought behind this was to try and explore new things which you have not come across earlier in your life. Who knows when you will strike out? It’s just a matter of perfect time and your sixth sense to grab it. That’s it after that I never looked back in my career.

I sincerely recommend him for any fresher / experienced person to learn the lesson of life from him. You will not be disappointed for sure.