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Document Flow Process

The Process for document is developed to help us communicate in a better and refined way. This Process will define the way through which we can post our articles on the site for exchanging information and also at the same time develop a strong ACS Network World Wide. The process involes the below steps which will be accomplished collectively within ACS.

Rough Draft:

Any one who wants to post an article must develop a Rough Draft of the article and submit to the reviewer. This will contatin information like: 

  • Author
  • Reviewer
  • Beautification By
  • Designer
  • Prerequisites(knowledge required for understanding the article)
  • Topic
  • Scope
  • Target Audience (Readers)
  • Presentation (Article Content)
  • Excersice

The reviewer is responsible for the validity and authenticity of the article and must follow the checklist provided by ACS for reviewing document & articles.
  • Spellings
  • Grammer
  • Technical Accuracy
  • Logical Presentation (lucidity, within scope)
  • Format
  • Legality (any legally offencive content)
Final Draft:

After the document is reviewed and cleared the document is processed and a Final Draft copy is created which will be used for publishing. 


The person or team who are authorised for the beautification process of the document and article must follow the design and layout format which will be provided and the specification will also be provided to them. The designer(s) will have to follow all the layout issues and the UI of the same. 

Web Page: 

The designer(s) for web pages must check for browser compatibility issues and also the layout of the document before publishing any article. A test run is required before issuing of the content. Also a report is to be sent to the team as to when the article will be published and kept live.

By Prof. Rajesh Patkar