6. Presentation

Introduction to Presentation
Presentation is a subtle communication of your Ethos, Personality, Values, Beliefs, Understanding and Experience.Written communication is but one way , albeit a constrained way, of presentation.

While writing answers in a paper , especially in a subjective exams, a student must take care of a few things. Not only the content but also the formation(form factor) of you answer paper is important. Only form without content won't fetch you marks. But quality content without proper form may disappoint you in terms of marks.

Keep in mind that you have to make the life of Paper-Checker easier. Don't let the Examiner struggle to give you marks , let him feel obliged to give you marks. Your paper must please the examiner. 
  1. Appropriate Content is the most important element
  2. Symmetry is Important ( Balance the placements of Diagrams , Tables and Text ) 
  3. Uniformity is Important ( Index, Every answer on a separate page, Paragraph alignment etc.) 
  4. Highlighting is Important ( Make it easy for the examiner to know that you are aware of the salient points)
  5. Cancellation must be done neatly. 
  6. Completing the Paper is Important ( No incomplete paper however neat and clean gets 100 out of 100).
  7. Use Step-wise Refinement technique where ever applicable.