2. Preserving Attention

Introduction to Preserving Attention
Time Dilation using Flow Technique

Time Management and Time Table won't help if Attention Management is not taken care of. Just allocating some time for an activity doesn't gaurantee results. How much attention you have allocated to the work at hand is vital. The rate of interruption in any given task is increasing with proliferation of technologies like mobile phones. 

Productivity can be achieved when you completely align yourself with the task at hand. We must achieve a flow state to be most productive. Flow cannot be heralded at our wish, unless we are masters of our calling. The reason some people find themselves more productive at nights is that there is minimal distraction and flow is easy to come. 

When Flow comes Time dilates ( relativity of time) . What you can do in 1 hour in a flow may not happen in a week's time without flow. Effectively, with time dilation you are increasing your time if you enter a flow state.

Time management is important but Attention Management is vital. Students and Professionals who learn the skill of Attention Management achieve more in less time.

Attention is one of the Most Valuable Resource for a student. Create a study space where there is minimum Attention Break, Stay away from Attention Thieves and come out of habit of Attention Proliferation. Try to reach the state of Flow and increase your efficiency and effectiveness.