1. Pressure Utilization

Introduction to Pressure Utilization
Why do we have that feeling of tension when we go for an exams or appear for an interview or are asked to deliver a public speech? When our ego is attacked at the core, our reptilian brain gets active, which results in creation of certain fluids in our body. These fluids affect our perceptions . It becomes a battle for survival and you start experiencing that unpleasant state of mind called anxiety or tension.

Reptilian brain is known for its Fight( I will overcome impediments) or Flight ( It's a hopeless situation) Response. So during exams students feel lost, helpless and are full of worries and tension. Train your brain to Fight and not to Flight... But How? ...You need a system. You need to know what the problem exactly is , before you try to solve it. You need to know where you stand on the map before you can start using the map. You can use the pressure situation to your advantage.It can be a blessing in disguise.

Pressure State discussed in this video session is a Negative Pressure State, like tension or frustration.There are Positive Pressure States caused by Passion, Motivation. In both the scenarios one needs to utilize the Pressure (Energy trying to express itself)