AnyTime Admission

Note :  AnyTime Admission Facility is available only for select courses.

What is AnyTime Admission Facility?

Usually, you enroll in a course-class before it starts. For instance, if a Java Technology Class starts on 7th Jan, you would normally register for it before 7th Jan. 

AnyTime admission facility allows you to enroll in a given class anytime after it has started. Implying that you can join the Java Technology Class even on 3rd Feb, almost a month after it started.

Suppose I join the course Midway. What about the missed lectures?

Every lecture conducted for a given class is recorded and posted on the portal. Apart from that, the portal has requisite support material. It is the responsibility of the AnyTime Registrant to complete the missed class coverage using the portal resources.

Can I Join the Class after it has concluded?

Yes, certain select classes get converted to the category of online video courses. You can enroll in them. However, it is entirely a self-study endeavor.