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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Teaching Method used?

My Teaching Method tends toward Constructivist learning. The learning sessions are a mix of Hands-On, Minds-On activities, and value both the Theory and the Practicals. The learning experience is incremental and iterative. The concepts learned are applied to the canonical examples and also integrated into the Project work. The methodology's context is Andragogical (Student is self-motivated, self-managed, and doesn't need traditional pedagogical monitoring). Most of the courses I offer are Blended Courses having elements of both Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning focusing on engineering and design.

How are live online sessions ( Synchronous Learning ) conducted?

Live online sessions are conducted on the Google Meet Platform. You will receive an invitation mail to join the Meet Room about 5 minutes before the lecture starts. These sessions include lecture and practical components. You can interact with me through text and audio. You can also share your screen to demonstrate your work or clear doubts.

What is Asynchronous Learning ?

Asynchronous Learning involves reading, coding drills, assignments, and watching of Online Video sessions given as course work. This Learning can be self-paced and provides the flexibility of schedule, and has soft deadlines. There is usually a healthy component of Asynchronous Learning intertwined with Synchronous Learning in the courses I offer.

What is Project Oriented Blended Learning ?

Learning that is a confluence of Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning with a thrust towards Engineering and Design.

What are the Learning Resources I get when I enroll for a Course?

When you enroll for a course, you get access to a Learning Portal that contains various materials to help you learn and practice the course content. These materials include programs, notes, assignments, project work, and video resources. You can also watch the Live Online Sessions that are recorded and posted on the portal. These videos help you review the content and catch up with the course if you miss the lecture. You can access these materials for as long as the course lasts.