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Rajesh Patkar Institute Of Software Enginnering.

Mr. Rajesh Patkar


B.E. in Electronics from Somaiya College , Mumbai University, India, 1990.

M.E. in Computers from V.J.T.I. Mumbai University, India ,1997.

Proprietor of Rajesh Patkar Institute Of Software Engineering

Work Experience

Mr. Rajesh Patkar is a Software Mentor and Architect. He has over 30 years of experience in IT Industry and Academia. His work has focused on the conception, planning, and implementation of projects involving the application of new technologies in Education and Software Development.

Mr. Patkar helps software companies by providing them technical strategy and acts as their consulting architect.He also helps companies in training and hiring fresh and experienced recruits. As a mentor Mr. Patkar has helped many successful start-up companies like Playspan, Baysquare and others from their inception to production stage.

Mr.Patkar has designed several Software Products including a Real Time Operating System for Set Top Box (LSOS) , a scalable Java Framework (Chakra) for a social portal, Simulators, Virtual Learning Framework (Linden Script) and several other websites and portals in Java, Php and .Net technologies.

Mr. Patkar has given training on advanced courses like Design patterns and Software Architecture in Java and .Net technologies to companies like Ness, BirlaSoft, Bazee.com, Vades(AurionPro), DirectI, E2E Info-tech, BNP-Paribas and Zedo to name a few. He gives training to software managers, architects, senior developers and students on core and advanced Java, .Net, Php, C++,Data Management, Javascript ,Patterns and Scala Technologies.

Mr. Patkar has been conducting seminars at leading educational institutions like V. J. T. I. , Mumbai, Virani Science College at Rajkot, Gujarat & Sanjivani Engg. College at Kopargaon, Maharastra. He also conducts seminars on high end technology topics regularly at Rajesh Patkar Insitute. Mr.Patkar has been associated with Mumbai University as paper-setter and examiner. He designed and conducted the first Software Architecture semester course for MTech students in VJTI.

Mr. Patkar has conducted hundreds of courses and taught thousands of students in his many years of work. Being associated with IT Industry as well as academia has helped him develop insights on problems faced by the students in assimilating , applying and adapting to ever-changing technologies and meeting Industry's expectations. He has used this experience to design the courses which he now offers at Rajesh Patkar Institute Of Software Engineering( www.rajeshpatkar.com ).Seminars and regular courses at Rajesh Patkar Institute are attended by people from the software industry and students alike

Rajesh Patkar Institute Of Software Engineering

Rajesh Patkar Institute is an Institute dedicated to teaching Core Computer Technologies to students and professionals. Founded by Rajesh R. Patkar in 2005, the institute has had the opportunity to teach thousands of students and professionals.

The teaching philosophy deployed, strives to create in-depth knowledge about the subject at hand. We believe that depth is an essential ingredient to achieve heights in software development. Students from our Institute have proven this point by their work in the industry, worldwide.Our Institute strives to provide a bigger picture to their students, the etiquette, the way of thinking which goes beyond normal technical jargon.

With an explosion of information on all software fronts, it is becoming increasingly difficult for students and professionals to manage learning. We help students achieve their that long term technical goals by concentrating on core skills and technologies. We help them achieve proficiency by inculcating in them practical skills. We help them pace their learning , develop their rhythm and be fluent and graceful in their skills.

We welcome you to “Rajesh Patkar Institute” and share the pleasure of the concepts unfolding themselves in the mind's eye, experiencing the beauty and elegance that lies in software.

Seminars and Workshops

Inauguration of Vartak Integrity Tech Fest

Vartak College

C Programming Workshop

Sanjeevani College Kopergaon

Design Patterns Workshop

Ness Technologies, Banglore, India

Design Patterns-Object Oriented Software Engg.

VJTI , Mumbai , India

Distributed Computing Seminar (STTP)

Vidyavardhini Engg. college Vasai

Essence Of Patterns

Mumbai National Book Fair, Cross Maidan, Mumbai, India

Anchoring Business Meet

Indian Merchant Chambers

Exam Prepartion Seminar for 10th and 12th

Swaminarayan Temple, Kandivali, Mumbai, India