Vipul Dekhtawala 

A guru in real sense, whose altruistic efforts are always towards shaping tomorrow’s technologist. I owe my success to Rajesh sir in way... he poured the knowledge of learning and being a fast self learner – only one of any of his classes is sufficient to become a fast paced self learner. 

He teaches you how to understand from the grass root level. If you want to learn synthetics do not approach him, yes – but of course, if you want to learn semantics in-depth then, he is the one who can build that in you.I learnt Java & Advanced Java from him during 2000-01. From that time onwards I have grown from a Programmer to Sr. Programmer to Analyst to Project Leader to Project Manager to Sr. Project Manager to Program Manager today.

He has been continuously morale of inspiration for me and gave me lot of career guidance and advices.I was very close to Rajesh sir during my training days and when I was in Mumbai. I still remember when he took me to a Rational Rose Seminar at Taj West-End at Bandra, Mumbai and we had a Darjeeling fresh tea there at hotel lobby. He told me that “let’s try something new rather then drinking always a routine tea” (sir used to order tea for all students almost daily during our classes). I felt the freshness and the aroma of the tea we all experienced. 

The thought behind this was to try and explore new things which you have not come across earlier in your life. Who knows when you will strike out? It’s just a matter of perfect time and your sixth sense to grab it. That’s it after that I never looked back in my career.

I sincerely recommend him for any fresher / experienced person to learn the lesson of life from him. You will not be disappointed for sure.

Vipul Dekhtawala

Program Manager, Wipro Technologies

Prameet Savla

Would take this opportunity to thank you and the alma mater for changing my life and many such alumni under your guidance.

The transformation in me was due in whole to Sir's style of communicating, support and encouragement I received from him. There are many things that I particularly value about your approach. Your teaching always offers upto-date information with your own unique style that keeps student engaged in learning process. 

As a reflection for my respect to Sir's Capabilities, I recommend students that to benefit the most of him begin learning C under him.I whole-heartedly endorse Mr. Patkar's ability as a coach and a Technology leader. I would be happy to give more details of my coaching experience to any that cares to call.I've referred several of my friends and colleagues to Mr.Patkar for Coaching, and will continue to do so in the future I look forward to be the part of learning process having you as the mentor.

Prameet Sawla,

Vice President, Central Technology Group,  Accelya Kale Solutions

Sameer Vasani

 I met Mr. Rajesh Patkar (sir) around 20 years back... He is a knowledge bank - always willing to share.

I owe my career in IT to this genius for his guidance and blessings. I strongly recommend his teachings to one and all who intend to learn computer science from a different perspective.

Sameer Vasani,

Senior Vice President,  Financial Technologies ( India ) Ltd.

Anand Parulkar

I am associated with Patkar sir for more than 20 years now. My first course under Patkar Sir was of Java Technology. Then I did courses on Oracle, Embedded Technology, EJB, Design Patterns under Patkar Sir. All these courses have helped me a lot in my career.It has given me lot of confidence in whatever I do now. 

Under Patkar Sir, my thinking about any subject has changed a lot. Prof. Patkar has been my "Guru " in true sense. He not only has great knowledge of lot of subjects, but he also has been extremely successful in sharing his knowledge with his students. He explains even very complex concepts in such a simple way so that the students, irrespective of whether the student is a fresher or experienced , does not have any problems at all in understanding it.

Apart from the courses, Sir has taken initiative in conducting lot of seminars also which have proved to be of great advantage to all his students. Also the KnowledgeNet activity which is started by Sir , has given opportunity to all the Rajesh Patkar Institute's students to share their knowledge on internet and do some productive work.Patkar sir is not only a great teacher and guide , but he is also a great human being. He is always ready to help his students out whenever they need any guidance from him.Patkar sir has been my inspiration since I met him first, till date. I can not express my gratitude towards him in words. I feel very proud to be a part of  Alumni of Rajesh Patkar Institute.

Anand Parulkar,

Manager, Senior Technology Architect, Accenture

Prashant Gandhi

It has been a privilege to study under Prof Patkar, as not only has he provided me with the correct career guidance during engineering days, but has also helped me firm up my fundamentals on computer engineering.

Today I work in a firm, whose chief scientist is Martin Fowler, whose books were a required reading in the Java classes conducted by Prof Patkar.

Prashant Gandhi,

Business Analyst, Product Delivery Manager, ThoughtWorks

Praful Kava

I have had many encounters with Java in my IT career, but I  never understood the subject the way I did after my 2 months training at Rajesh Sir’s institute. I had so many aha! moments over many topics that I thought I had understood in past. Rajesh Sir cleared many fundamental concepts in a way that they would stay with me for a long time to come. To a comp. science students I would say, "Studying with sir would help you in every step of your career". To and experienced professional I would say “Do it & you would see Java in a different light.”

Praful Kava,

Project Manager, NYC

Laxman Bhosle

Rajesh Patkar says "I Transfer Technology Not just Book Know-How " very good statement and he tries to live by the statement. Worth getting technology transfer - once yours always yours.

Laxman Bhosle,

Project Manager, Syntel

Shrenik Shah

Deep in the dark forest, there is a beautiful garden of Knowledge, where techie butterflies play around the flowers of technologies.

Yes!! This is how I will describe the Rajesh Patkar Institute. There is an evolution-smith (Prof. Rajesh Patkar) working hard to convert all caterpillars into techie butterflies. One enters Rajesh Patkar Institute as a caterpillar and evolution-smith develops a cocoon of knowledge around him. There happens a metamorphosis, after which a beautiful techi butterfly evolves. When others see rose as a rose, these butterflies sees the rose first as a flower and then as a Rose.

Hooking on to the concepts is the habit of all techies evolved under evolution-smith. There are butterflies that can run here and there; evolution-smith takes care to make them capable to fly. There are few who knows how to fly, evolution-smith teaches them how to find direction. There are many who can fly and go places, evolution-smith adds beautiful colors to them. Being a butterfly at Rajesh Patkar Institute, one can expect to evolve at any stage and add new colour to life.

Prof. Rajesh Patkar has given shapes to the evolution of many butterflies like me and evolutionsmith is the word I could figure out after thinking a lot on this. It's because of his training; I stand confidently where ever I am. No longer afraid of rose, jasmine or sunflower knowing that they are just types of flowers.

Following lines expresses the Metamorphosis I experienced at ACS. Sitting silently, Doing nothing, Spring comes, And the grass grows by itself. Words are still not sufficient to express my self, but it’s for sure that I will not miss any opportunity to learn under Rajesh Patkar Institute and Prof. Rajesh Patkar

Shrenik Shah,

Technical Architect, Rediff.com

Manish Joshi

Rajesh Patkar is not just trainer for technology but he trains people for their success in life. Technology is the medium to learn how to learn in your life. Mr.Patkar proves this. His simple thought embossed examples are there with us through out our life.His sessions are great on any subjects.If I keep writing I will keep writing books with volumes and volumes about sir .

His architectural knowledge is unbeatable.

He is great .

Manish Joshi,

Solution Architect Accelya kale Solutions

Kaushal Mehta

Rajesh Patkar epitomizes 'Work is Worship' and personifies 'Devotion in Action'.

Kaushal Mehta,

 Founding Partner, Source Ventures Inc

Nikhil Kale

I came to know about Prof. Rajesh Patkar from my friend, Anand who was Rajesh Patkar Institute's student himself for long time.

After meeting him, I realized that he is the guru that I am looking for and immediately joined batches for EJB and Design Patterns. While learning from him about the subjects, I also learnt how to learn and realized that there are so many things to learn.

My thinking became more refined and focused and concepts became clear. In my opinion, Prof Rajesh Patkar is really a wonderful professor as well as a wonderful person. I can not express my gratitude towards him in words....

Nikhil Kale,

Solution Architect, Mastek UK.

Mukesh Joshi

Prof. Patkar is an excellent teacher and Friend that I have ever come across. His style of teaching and delivery is unique and I have enjoyed each and every lecture of his.

He has and will always be my role model and I have lots of respect for him. He was my teacher from my BE till i came to US. I have also had a unique oppurtunity to work under him in BE where we built a Robot. His guidance in the project was exceptional and unreplaceable. 

It is my understanding after a long time under him that Prof. Patkar has a very deep understanding of any subject he decides to teach. This combined with his delivery style makes him a unique teacher. I dont think I have enough words to thank Prof. Patkar for what he has given to me. He remains to be my inspiration till date.

Mukesh Joshi,

Solution Architect, Maxim Integrated Product , USA

Pritam Potnis

I came to know about sir through one of my friends. Initially I was suprised to know that a course of Design Patterns exists. I was always under the impression that this can never be taught as this is the toughest part in IT .

But I joined Rajesh Patkar Institute with the intention of giving it a try. I was bowled over by Sir's teaching style, the depth to which he takes the students. These are qualities of a great teacher. He is full of knowledge and yet so humble. I wish he becomes more visible to IT professionals like us through advertising or any other medium so that proper guidance can be given to people and we all realize Sir's dream of IT products oriented India , a true IT superpower rather than service oriented IT superpower. I feel very proud to be a part of Rajesh Patkar Institute's alumni and a student of Patkar Sir.

Thanks a lot . 

Pritam Potnis,

Senior Java Developer, Credit Suisse

Vivek Unhavane

Writing testimonial is a real pleasure especially when you are writing it for someone like Patkar Sir. I got introduced to Patkar sir through Anand Parulkar. Though I have heard a lot from Anand about Sir but when I met him it came out to be even better.

Over the years of experience its my understanding that if you are able to convey the concept at each individuals level then you have an excellent knack of teaching. And this is what I found in Patkar Sir. No matter how new the Topic be the way he used to present it., it always sounded that I knew it. That’s the fantastic delivery of Patkar Sir. Finding time out from work was always a challenge but after meeting Patkar Sir that was never the case. I have done couple of courses and we had a good team too.

Lately I have not been in touch with Sir since I moved to US…I hope to get in touch with Sir very soon…

All my best wishes to Patkar Sir and his Institute for continuing the fantastic work of knowledge sharing and producing good quality Software gurus.

Vivek Uhnavane,

Technology Architect, Bay Area

Gautam Vankani

I am associated with Patkar sir since past 10yrs and learnt a lot of technologies of Computer Science under Patkar Sir. He makes each and every subject (not only related to Computer Science) so easy that once learnt it stays in your mind forever. He is a true 'GURU' and the person whom I admire the most. 

I have not only gained knowledge under Patkar Sir but also improved my intellectual skills, communication, how to express things, how to help other people, how one can do self learning and many more.... 

Patkar Sir you are a Genius !! I am grateful to be trained under you.

Gautam Vankani,

Program Manager, Syntel

Nakul Kasadwala

As a believer of "Geeta ", assuming my self as Arjun (although my name is Nakul ), was looking for Dronacharya of IT field and after hunting a lot my knowledge hunt plane landed at Rajesh Patkar Institute.

I met sir 10 years back in one party and at that time was explaining to sir what funda of C means to a commerce student. After listening passionately for 20-30 minutes Sir gave me his contact no and address of classes.After listening to his first lecture on C (Jan 99), I am still listening to him on many technologies. I realised within 2-3 months that I found Dronacharya of IT field. As a commerce graduate it was never easy for me to settle down in IT. But with sir's guidance and help it was never hard for me to get into this field.

And the best part of this journey is the way he explains IT concepts using examples from the practical and spiritual world which makes difficult funda so easy to understand that it is hard to forget. Would like to thank God for gifting us (atleast me) sir.

Nakul Kasadwala,

Senior Consultant, Morgan Stanley

Viral Visariya

They say that when the disciple is ready, the guru appears; However in my case the guru appeared when student was not even ready. I was merely a student he made me disciple by filtering all my senses and refining my thought process. When in retrospect I think that I haven't made a lot of efforts...I realised he made my journey effortless. I owe all my knowledge and experience in I.T. to Patkar Sir.

Viral Visariya,

Consultant at Datamatics

Amit Shah

Prof. Rajesh Patkar - One rarely gifted combination of a teacher and a friend.

I have been to many institutes and also have many friends who attended other institutes where their experiences had been .. average or bad. None could have said that the faculty in the institute was too good to have delivered a career building base to them.

My experience with Sir - "one teacher who has acted as a turning point in my life to build my career. I am lucky to have found a teacher rather than a faculty ".

Will like to share one of my experiences with Sir. This was when sir had decided to purchase the projector for the class. Me, Sir and the sales person were sitting in the hotel discussing the pricing and other stuff. Meanwhile, the sales person passed one comment - "Now it will be good for you to complete the deliverables in lesser duration and in more efficient and professional way. Also will help you conduct more batches with the time saved ". Sir said - "This will help students get the deliverables in more efficient way and earlier than the specified duration. This will help me deliver more to them - which I wanted but was not able to deliver due to the limitation of time ". Sir always tried to prepare his students with the future in vision. What I like very much about him is that he teaches to learn. He is one person I found who loves to teach rather than teach just to earn.

There is still a lot more to share but time and words are not permitting me. Last but no the least - "he is the best at what he does ".

Amit Shah,

Tech Lead , Concept BIU

Francy Thattil

Innovative & revolutionary teaching methodologies of Prof. Patkar is an invaluable asset in tackling not only problems in software, but life as a whole. The new dimension and the perception added changes how one views the world in general.

Thanks Patkar Sir for choosing the noblest of professions as a service to humanity. The knowledge you own and redistribute is worth a paradise.

Though my stint with Patkar Sir was short, it had been a dream come true. As I hated rotting & mugging up things, he perfected with a style of relativity to our daily chores.

Francy Thattil,

Senior Team Lead, Zedo

Umesh Sarang

He first entered as a senior student teacher @ Somaiya Engineering when I was in first year and he would teach third year students himself being a final year student in our College. Finally he helped me in the BEngg ( Projects as an advisor) and a Microprocessor System Design teacher. That was 13 years ago. I last met him teaching various fields in IT with his institution and now this is a College with an army of students mentioning about his style of teaching.

This man is remarkable and a simple GENIUS! You should learn atleast one lecture from him. I must say you must learn to be a student like him first and then a teacher like him later...Good Show !!!

Umesh Sarang,

Manager at the Source by Bell Laboratories

Nixon Rodrigues

I really feel blessed by being with Prof. Rajesh Patkar in Design Pattern course.His teaching style is unique,full of examples which remains in memory for life time ,there are very few professors like Mr. Patkar, who impart knowlegde so easily.

He is my GURU.

Nixon Rodrigues,

Senior Engineer, Zedo

Vijay Shetty

Rajesh Sir reminds me of "The ONE " in Matrix as he is able to see beyond common perceptions & prejudices, the fact being that the ONE in Matrix is fictional while Rajesh Sir is for real. [ACS <=> ZION].

Too difficult to believe that a shopping centre in Malad hosts a training centre that forms the core of the best knowledge dissemination of computer sciences.

I consider myself very lucky to discover Rajesh Patkar Institute & Rajesh Sir in particular, as i apply my learning from ACS (now Rajesh Patkar Institute of Software Engineering).in any work I take up.

I do miss the theoretical lectures & discussions on OOPs & I surely wish to learn more from there. I consider it very important for every person in software engineering & computer science field to have a mentor like Rajesh Sir. As after having done umpteen courses from many institutes (before joining ACS ), I really wish I had joined ACS earlier.

I have experienced the paradigm shift in many aspects of life after my short stint at ACS. So many important core concepts revealed, design patterns, best practices discussed.

Sometimes I think it's unfair that only a select few (of us) gain so much knowledge from Rajesh Sir while there are too many people striving for the same but are being misguided by several institutes with mediocre courses. I hope many more benefit from Sir & I am sure this number will be directly proportional to the quality of IT pros around us.

I strongly advocate ACS as the place to get trained.

I wish Rajesh Sir & his family all the best for all his current & future endeavours & best


Vijay Shetty,

Strategy Development and Planning, Yell

Anand Kannan

Today, what I am, is to a great extent due to a man called Mr. Rajesh Patkar. What started out for me as "YET ANOTHER SOFTWARE COURSE " at "YET ANOTHER INSTITUTE " finally culminated in an eternal learning experience and ended my search for that special guru.. 

I am anchored to ACS, and it's one man army, Mr. Rajesh Patkar. What started as learning syntax of Java just to help me do my job better ended up as an experience that would stay with me for an entire lifetime. In due course of time, I learnt not only about Computer Science but also about music and spirituality and how these great arts are so close to computer science. Well, If you've not been a part of the Rajesh Patkar experience yet, then I am sure you just re-read the previous sentence multiple times, before you got to this one. Rajesh Patkar is an experience, and soon would be a movement.Go for it, if you wanna transform your life. Go for it, if you have long term goals. Go for it, if you wanna experience how the gurukool days would have been.

A shishya.

Anand Kannan,

Staff Software Engineer, PayPal

Chirag Mehta

Coming from a commerce background, I owe all my knowledge and experience in I.T. to Patkar sir. I have learnt C, Data Structures & .Net technologies from him, but more importantly, he taught me how to learn any future technology or language. Today, when I come across people with years of experience but weak fundamentals, I feel really privileged to have learnt my fundamentals from Patkar sir.

Chirag Mehta,

Senior Software Consultant, Quinnox

Umang Adukia

I came to know about Patkar Sir from a holy organization, namely "Swaminarayan ". As a sophomore I would have landed up joining any ordinary institute for my computer literacy, but God sent me to the Right person at the right time.

After interacting with Sir I was overwhelmed as I got to see true essence of a teacher in him. Apart from exhibiting excellent tutelary characteristics, he has also been a good friend.

I wish all the luck to Rajesh Patkar Institute and Sir and hope to garner more knowledge from Sir and nourish my cerebrum with the same.

Umang Adukia, 

Techlead, Royal Bank of Scotland

Jiten Gala

Hi All, I am glad and proud to be part of such genuine, professional and class apart quality of teaching provided here at Rajesh Patkar Institute of Software Engineering. This institute is an apt place to gain robust foundation in areas of software development. It feels great when you meet with Global technical Architects here at Goldman Sachs and discuss with them software designs in Design Pattern terms and Languages. 

I feel I have reduced the time it takes to reach to this level and expertise in software development. If my understanding in correct, to reach this level of understanding it should ideally take around 5+ years. Well for me RPISE had reduced that number to half. This definitely keeps you a step ahead from the rest in software world. At RPISE its not only about teaching different computing languages. With practical assignments it also teaches you how you can improve on your personal software development process. This institute prepares you to match the world standards in Software industry and also helps you to embrace and understand new technologies in very easy way. If I were give a chance, I would suggest Mumbai University and any University for that matter, to adopt the practices and the teaching style that Prof. Rajesh Patkar exercises. RPISE is place if you want to rule and achieve Nirvana in your career as Computer Software Professional. 

Thank you Rajesh Sir, for playing a huge role in shaping my career as a reliable software professional.

Jiten Gala,

Application Developer, Goldman Sachs

Chirag Mehta

GENIUS is the only word which is somewhat closer than any other dictionary word to define Patkar Sir. My spiritual Guru, P. Swamiji says that for Patkar Sir.

No one else have I seen who can Transfer knowledge with Spirituality.

Chirag Mehta,

Java Swing Analyst Consultant, Royal Bank of Scotland Group

Yatin Mishra

I joined a course at Patkar Institute. It was a Java Course. The level of knowledge that I feel after attending course has raised to a next level.

Yatin Mishra, 

Project Manager, Zedo

Abhishek Kolwalkar

Rajesh Patkar to me; is not just a pedagogue. He is a source of infinite inspiration. It is seldom when you find teachers who can teach by the concepts; but this man teaches by his unique method -Evolution. 

Every lecture is brilliantly stunning, as he beautifully spins out concepts, arising from the need. They don’t appear as semantics the way any reference books are written. He indubitably is a storehouse of knowledge- every lecture he informs us about the latest debates and discussions in technology in such an interesting manner, that it only instigates us to come back home and learn more. 

A gem of an individual, he is easily approachable and has excellent techniques to clarify any doubt using the most practical ideas in mind. And he also has a great sense of humor, thanks to which learning at this place is an out-of-this-world experience. I owe him a lot for alleviating my personal interests in the world of programming, and shall be extremely obliged to join more of his sessions in future. Thank you, sir! 

Abhishek Kolwalkar,

Technical Project Manager, Mphasis

Priya Manwani

Patkar Sir has a very different vision towards the technology. Every time you meet him, You get to learn something new.

He always tries to make the students aware of the new technologies and develops the ability to learn them.

More importantly he patiently listens the problems of student and whenever I am discussing anything with sir, I feel like I am with my father who wants to give me the best knowledge and I am free to present my own ideas.

I feel very fortunate after getting him as a teacher.

Priya Manwani

Abhijit Jadhav

I am associated with Rajesh Patkar Institute for more than 5 years now. My first course under Patkar Sir was of Java Web Development. Then I did courses on EJB, Design Patterns under Patkar Sir. All these courses have helped me a lot in my career. It has given me lot of confidence in whatever I do now.

Under Patkar Sir, my thinking about any subject has changed a lot. Prof. Patkar has been my "Guru " in true sense. He not only has great knowledge of lot of subjects, but he also has been extremely successful in sharing his knowledge with his students. He explains even very complex concepts in such a simple way so that the students, irrespective of whether the student is a fresher or experienced , does not have any problems at all in understanding it.

Apart from the courses, Sir has taken initiative in conducting lot of seminars also which have proved to be of great advantage to all his students. Also the KnowledgeNet activity which is started by Sir , has given opportunity to all the students to share their knowledge on internet and do some productive work. Patkar sir is not only a great teacher and guide , but he is also a great human being. He is always ready to help his students out whenever they need any guidance from him. Patkar sir has been my inspiration since I met him first, till date. I can not express my gratitude towards him in words. I feel very proud to be a part of Rajesh Patkar Institute's Alumni and a student of Patkar Sir.

Abhijit Jadhav, 

Credit Contingent Liabilities Risk at Credit Suisse

Aniruddha Choudhary

Today when I say, I am in the field of Computer Science, I truly understand what I say..4 years of engineering from so called renowned college, a couple of years work-experience couldn't really make me feel and understand to the core as what I am doing here? Today, what I am and what my perception is, is merely and solely because of Patkar sir..I really cant find a word/adjective which could describe sir.. may be, they should add a word "patkar sir" in dictionary to describe someone like him..he is a wonderful person, ever smiling even though he has stood for hours teaching students for entire day. he's extremely knowledgeable... The amount of knowledge he imparts and students gain in the 3 hours session is equivalent to a month or sometimes months of self study..the environment in those 3 hours is so charged and make ppl so engrossed, well I certainly feel like I am in a meditative state while learning from sir..

and if someone will ask me, what does sir teach? I would say, art of learning + art of living.. Computer science is just a reason.. What does sir not talk about? Nothing.. he talks about thought patterns, neurolinguistic programming, he gives examples from bodybuilding, he exemplifies how to build photographic memory, he gives so apt examples to relate the virtual world of computer science with the real world so that students dont get baffled..The great thing about sir is he knows exactly how students feel unlike almost all the other teachers..

when a student walks out of RPISE, he is sure to have some great perspective towards life if he's listened to sir's each and every word and interpreted it in a right way..

As I am going for master's studies now, I am surely gonna miss the great discussions in design patterns, frameworks and esp. sir and his cheerful words.. I humbly request sir to keep publishing his articles/papers and make some videos of the latest discussions available over the internet for those who are not near..

I am extremely fortunate to be associated with RPISE and enlightened by Patkar sir. So rightly said by an alumni student of RPISE, patkar sir is an experience, an experience which can transform your thinking towards life before you know it and when you realise you are not the same person anymore..

Aniruddha Choudhary, 

Software Engineer at Goldman Sachs

Sanjay Nandavadekar

What a great man !! Through out my learning carrier I have never met such impressing personality. He just spread magic when he is delivering the lecture.

One thing I learn from Sir, is commitment, during our batch time Sir was having minor accident, but still he was delivering the lectures, truly top class professionalism.

Thank you Sir. for sharing those important knowledge base with us.

Sanjay Nandavadekar,

Director IT, Cipla

Ajit Tripathi

Its been a long, sweet, learning association with you Sir and hope this remains until eternity. A born orator! who appears as a performer on technology dais.

I still miss being in your class which were dotted with 'hyperlinks' of multiple domain and adeptly associating them with technology. Am inspired by your self-awareness of multiple domains and your confidence. Your trainings are inspiring, touching and exciting as well.

A 'Guru' par excellence !! Your value added training programs are ' Closing the Gap' between education and industry and evolving an individual as a whole. His addition of new courses all the time is something required in changing IT scenarios I have never seen the man grown impatient with a student's questions, or fail to try to help the sincere learner.

Outside classroom Mr. Rajesh patkar had been a true a mentor, in all respects. He is able to engage with students as individuals while still maintaining his professionalism; that is, he is friendly but never inappropriate. You have my professional endorsement and my deepest personal respect.

Ajit Tripathi,

Senior Software Engineer, Delego

Vidya Rao

I have recently completed my java web development course. I would like to thank Patkar sir for sharing his valuable knowldege.He is a reservoir of knowledge and a great master in his own way.

A Great...... teacher and a mentor I have ever come across.

Being in the education system and the way the non-aided courses like computer science are functioning , I personally feel that if there were good teachers like him in this stream, it would benefit large number of students.

I therefore recommend that anyone interested in computer science field should undergo training under his guidance. That would help them to view the subject in a wider and better perspective.

Sir, I am privileged to be trained under you.Thanking you once again.

Vidya Rao,

Lecturer , Ramnarayan Ruia College

Shriram Sail

I just taken a ride of c/c++ at this institute for sake of passing in my Object Oriented Methodology subject at my MTech(Mech)days and last one year I am working on this platform(very confidently) only due to Patkar Sir. thanks a lot sir.

Shriram Sail, 

Tech Lead , Geometric Ltd.

Saeed Ahmed Davawala


I learnt a lot from Patkar Sir not only while being a student in the ACS institute but also as a friend after that. The knowledge the way of teaching is excellent and really a God Gift to Sir. I am so missig those days that I feel replaying those moments.

Any session you attend he will teach you in very simple manner not only as a teacher but as a true friend too. Also I noticed he never hesitates to give Gyan although external to but related to the topic in session.

Shishya Saeed.

Saeed Ahmed Davawala,

Senior Developer, Accenture

Nitin Mekhiya

Realize the essence of Design Patterns..Software architectures..Extreme Programing..Refactoring...

Can transform you from just an programer to product developer.

I am fortunate to get some teaching from him and consider him my Guru in IT

Nitin Mekhiya,

Software Consultant, Silicon Valley

Vishal Surve

Patkar sir is tendulkar of IT. A hope for the needy.

Best in the business.

Vishal Surve,

Senior Software Engineer, Xoriant

Panchapekasan ShantanaKrishnan

All the testimonials seen so far are, by participants with their respective goals (“a fresher” to become a programmer or “a struggling programmer” to become a Project Manager or Program Manager), which they have achieved.

My case is different; I am a Corporate Trainer working in a SW Development Company. My experience is:

Other than learning the concepts,I saw many things in Sir,

The art of explaining a difficult concept, selflessness, willing to share the knowledge, passionate to teach, advising to set TIMEBOXES for mastering a selected topic and giving ample number of reference books and always willing to give more etc. 

His style of teaching and delivery is unique and I enjoyed each and every lecture of his. If good things also (like timely raining etc) are happening in the world EVEN TODAY, it is because of such people.

I pray to Him,


Another Shishya

Panchapekasan ShantanaKrishnan, 

Corporate Trainer

Vikram Singh

My time with the institute was really overwhelming..fantastic!!!

Vikram Singh, 

ICICI Infotech

Mihir Maniyar

Rajesh sir is the one who has the power to transform a normal IT programmer to an "CAT " in the IT domain. I hope more and more people to learn and become the champs of IT field under his guidance

Mihir Maniyar,

Senior Developer, IBM

Sunil Sharma

Rajesh Patkar Institute is the Power House of IT Knowledge, just follow the steps of Prof. Patkar, you will definitely reach your Destiny...

Sunil Sharma,

Lead, SoftDel System pvt. ltd.

Nimit Shah

Prof. Patkar changes the way you think about subject, subject looks easy when taught by him

Nimit Shah, 

Senior Developer, Capgemeni

Hemal Badiani

If work is GOD for you, then Patkar Sir is the most holy saint that you can ever meet.

Whenever I have studied under Patkar Sir, it has always been for long hours per day -- typically 8-10 hours. And its impossible to shift your mind anywhere else during these hours except the topic that he is teaching. The position I have chosen in Accenture is solely because I learnt Design patterns and Java Architecture from Patkar Sir and have started loving it.

 I personally believe that technology is not the only thing that one can learn from him. He is the most down to earth individual I have met, given the technological depth he has. Always open to learning new things and always ready to discuss and share his knowledge. And most important always a smiling friend.

I know that whenever I make visits to India, I need to meet him atleast for a while. And hope that I can be in India a longer time or he can come to London, so that I can learn new things from him 

Hemal Badiani,

Senior VicePresident, Wells Fargo

Unmesh Malwankar

Prof. Patkar's teachings go far beyond software technologies; he sets minds right. For life.

Unmesh Malwankar,

Scala Solution Builders

Kalpesh Shah

I feel if you click the link below, you will know what I want to say about Sir


Kalpesh Shah,

Senior Application Consultant, Aditi Technologies